Sunday, 7 December 2008

Why another blog?

Oh, the pressure of the first post! Why is someone adding yet another eating blog to the already crowded field? I am doing it because, amazingly, I feel like there is still a niche out there for me. I am an avid food blogger/home cook/nutritional rebel. Several years ago, due to medication I was on at the time, I gained a decent amount of weight. While I had always been interested in food, I had not ever focused on the healthfulness of what I was eating. A temporary stint in 'healthy eating' in order to drop a few pounds became an avid interest in nutrition. 

My two main sources of inspiration were and remain the Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition (CRON) movement, and the paleo eating movement. I have a deep admiration for the fabulous bloggers from both camps, including Art de Vany, Mark Sisson, April Smith, and Mary Robinson (please note this is NOT an exhaustive list). While there are some female bloggers in both areas, I feel that especially in the paleo arena, a few more would be a welcome addition.

I personally follow a hybrid combination of the two theories. I avoid grains, including whole grains, as well as most dairy. I embrace and adore fat in the form of unrefined oils, butter, nuts, and even lard. I aim to eat lots of protein and green veggies. I carefully track my nutritional intake on a wonderful freeware program called the CRON-O-Meter. I have recently become interested in the intermittent fasting movement (IF).

I am often asked how I can love food as much as I do and not gain weight. When I explain my eating philosophy, it is usually met with the twin reactions of "how can you not eat grains/dairy/junk food" and "I could NEVER eat like you do." The point of this blog is to show how I do it, and demonstrate that my quotidian diet is not as bizarre as it apparently sounds. 

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April said...

Hi there!

I just found your blog! I'm so glad you're keeping one! Almost all of the people who started CR blogs in 06 have quit and I miss them!

Looking forward to catching up!