Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Eating on the road

I'm traveling for work, with the SO for company (I am a lucky girl-he has that kind of flexibility with his job) and tonight we went out for dinner.

Eating out doing CRON is a challenge, as an CR'ed person can tell you, because you never really know what's in your food. I just try to order healthy and make my peace with the fact that I will not be entirely in control of what I'm getting. I figure since I eat in most nights, those nights when I do go out aren't a big deal anyways.

And I LOVE Japanese food. So when the SO allowed me to choose, I headed straight for the Japanese place around the corner from our hotel. While normally I'm a sashimi girl, it was pretty cold up here, so I didn't go all raw. I had miso soup, oshitashi with lots of bonito on top, and tuna tataki surrounded with lots of shredded daikon. Simple, filling, yummy. Oh, and nicely primal AND cr'ed.

I find that Asian cuisine in general is my favourite genre of cuisine when eating out. Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai offer lots of delicious, veggie and protein filled options with a fabulous mix of salty, sweet, and sour tastes. I could have Tom Yum soup every night with some kind of thai curry, or a nice bowl of pho (scandalously avoiding the noodles but eating the meat and broth), or bimbimbop... I have never been too into Chinese food, but I'm sure it's because I've never had truly Chinese dishes. American Chinese food is a real turn off--greasy, bland, covered in heavy overly sweet or overly salty sauces.

Hmmm. I'm inspired now. As soon as I get back, I see a homemade Thai curry in my future...


carla said...

that is precisely the reason I want to be richbeyondcompare :)

I could live on sashimi.

Cave Cooking said...

Me too :) I can eat ridiculous amounts.

Marc said...

Rachel and MIZ,
Being a sashimi LOVER myself;
If you ever have a few extra yen lying around....take a look at this.

They truly have some of the greatest fish to be found.
And it's cheaper then going out to a good place. They don't mail order Sake so you actually have to go out for that one. ;-)