Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Very brief mini rant

I must have had this conversation a million times, and I'm going to summarize it briefly:
1) Peanuts are NOT nuts. I know they have 'nut' in the name. Chickpeas have 'chick' in the name--do you think they're little peas made of chick?
2) Real nuts, like almonds, do have protein, but the VAST majority of their calories come from fat. If one more person tells me they're eating nuts for PROTEIN I'm going to club them over the head with a leg of lamb. Seriously. I have one in my freezer. 


Dommi said...

HAHA. Way to be prepared :]

I used to think that too, but someone corrected me: nuts are a good source of (healthy) fat, they just happen to contain protein.

Cave Cooking said...

:) And an excellent point. Nuts are a very good source of fat, and they can be used in a bunch of ways. On another blog, Son of Grok uses almond meal to make pizza. I make almond milk. Not to mention many nuts are great sources of different vitamins and minerals.

April said...

MR is always ranting about this! It's very funny what ideas people have about nutrition, isn't it?

I used to think that I got all the protein I needed from a hard boiled egg. Oooooops. That's why I love CRON-O-Meter! Though back in those days we only had DWIDP!


Cave Cooking said...

:) So nice to hear I have company on this point! I find it very effective to whip out the CRON-O-Meter and display the nutritional stats. The pie chart function is useful in providing a visual demonstration of how many calories from a nut or egg come from each macronutrient. I honestly can't imagine CRing without it.

Anna said...

I'm getting in the habit of saying "tree nuts" now because it's more specific. I don't even think about peanuts much anymore. To me they are too much like soybeans.

If that leg o-lamb doesn't work, I'll loan you a bison shank from my freezer to club 'em ;-).