Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy Holidays

As a product of an interfaith relationship, I like to take advantage of all the different holiday celebrations. Lighting the menorah and decorating the tree are equally enjoyable for me. And for the holiday dinner, we had a ham, brisket braised in red wine and broth with pearl onions and steamed broccoli for the primal among us, with potatoes au gratin, latkes, and biscuits for the others:) For dessert I ate out the filling of some apple pie. 

Since I am the designated cook in the family, I take a certain sneaky delight in feeding people healthy delicious food. Of course, I don't advertise the healthy part. I just cook simple meat and veggie dishes. Often, people don't even notice the lack of the requisite starch. I didn't even thicken the sauce for the brisket beyond reducing the braising liquid. And it was delicious. I just called it a jus and no one complained. 

Ham is even easier. I glazed it with some no sugar added apricot preserves and tamari, roasted it for four hours, and there you go. No sauce needed. But the best part, by far, is knowing there are delicious leftovers for the next few days: I could easily eat the ham, onions, and broccoli for days. 

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