Friday, 19 December 2008

Old before my time?

My family likes to mock me because I seem to prefer to soft foods. I have to say, it's probably true, especially in the winter. While I like my veggies tender crisp, I'm more likely to eat them as a puree or soup. I love tender braised meat. Yogurt. Cheese. All soft. In the winter, I love microwaving frozen berries to have as a warm spoonable dessert.

Hard and crunchy is just not as appealing to me. Sure, in certain contexts it's nice: a crisp apple, or a nice piece of celery. But I will gravitate towards the more babyfoodish end of the textural spectrum. Just like any denture wearer ;)

One of my favourite soft slurpy foods is bitter greens like swiss chard or kale or collards. I heat up a pan with a slice of bacon. I cook the bacon, pour off some of the fat for later, saute finely diced onions and garlic with hot pepper flakes in the remainder of the grease until nice and fragrant, then I throw in the greens sliced into ribbons with some chiken broth and let it all stew together for 20 minutes. When everything looks nice and wilted, I pour the whole mess into a bowl, crumble the bacon on top, and slurp away. It's not the most attractive cuisine, but to me, a bowl of greens is a perfect comfort food, especially when you add bacon to the equation.

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