Sunday, 14 December 2008

Ugh. Carb Overload.

There are some days when I choose to be less picky about my food. While I can be highly self critical in other areas of my life, like my work, when it comes to how I eat I don't beat myself for less than ideal choices. I'm not sure why that is. I wish I could learn to be easier on myself for other things. Maybe it's because I know how careful I am in my choices, and rationally I know that one day will not undo the 7 good ones that preceded it.

In any case, last night I went to three Christmas parties. Thanks to work, they are the only ones I will be able to attend. In a way, being too busy is an excellent holiday food management. In any case, I had many cookies (all homemade) and nibbly apps. And wine and cider with rum. I know I overate calorie wise and carb wise in a big way. I enjoyed every bite.

But oy, this morning my body felt it. The major sugar crash, the belly bloat, the water retention. It's an excellent reminder of how the way I typically eat is so much better. So I'm loading up of protein and fat and keeping my carbs down today. I still don't feel great, but I know I'll feel better tomorrow, and the day after.

It's not a morality thing for me. I don't feel like I was *bad* for eating the way I did, nor is the food *bad*--it was a less than ideal nutritional choice, that's all. Attaching judgements like that to food are pointless. One day doesn't make a difference. Self-recrimination doesn't change what you consumed. And it doesn't make you physically feel better. Taking good care of yourself the next day does.


carla said...

I completely could have written this post.

for me it's typically on my treat days but the extra carbs? sugars? make me feel like cr*p---and I vow Im not gonna do it again.
until my next treat day arrives :)


Cave Cooking said...

I hear ya :) I do believe in occasionally giving into my inner 6year old, although usually in smaller doses than I did this time!