Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Managing whilst away

Just got back from being away from home;  it is tough to be away because without my cavewoman preparing food, I am left to fend for myself.  I was just at a country where the cuisine is lacking and intense carbs are offered at every corner.  Before meeting my love, I would have enjoyed a lot of these bread offerings, but now that I have been a year with less bread and even limiting th amount of empty calories I previously consumed (through soda and juices), I look and feel better, so on this trip I was disciplined in avoiding those once so unavoidable breads.

The next challenge we are taking up is coming up with a daily menu for me.  This way, while I am away and without the guidance of my love, I will have clear options in my mind to eat that are both nutritional valuable but also within my daily caloric range.  More on this later . . .

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