Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Stuck in Las Vegas

Oh, the joy of traveling over the holidays. Las Vegas is not our final destination, but we're most of the way there. I am grateful for my go to healthy eats--raw almonds, beef jerky, and Starbucks espresso on the way. Last night I had a fruit cup at Au Bon Pain to round out my meal. Not too impressive, mainly anemic cantaloupe. I should have known better, but oh well. 

For being on 3 hours sleep, I think I'm doing ok. My appetite gets really odd when I travel like this, across time zones and being up at odd hours (for me). Early in the morning, it is nonexistent. I marvel at the people I see in the airport Burger King shoving down their morning fare. The thought of putting something in my mouth at 5 am does not appeal to me. 

I know in three hours, when I get off the plane again, I will be RAVENOUS. But my body definitely needs time to wake up. 

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Anna said...

I discovered a mexican place at the Food Court of the AMerican Airlines terminal Chicago's O'Hare airport in December (sorry can't remember the name). They served Tallgrass beef (a grass-fed beef supplier for restaurants). I was able to order a low carb bowl with the shredded beef on a bed of romaine lettuce with the veggie trimmings. Not too bad for an airport. Much better than the airline options. And since it was our return trip home, I was without my usual home-made food provisions for travel.