Thursday, 26 March 2009

I'm keeping my salt

This morning at the doctor's office (annual physical, nothing exciting going on) we had this conversation:

Dr: Does low blood pressure run in your family?
Me: Yes, why?
Dr: Because yours is LOW. (95/60 for those who are curious)

I take this as a sign from some higher deity that I can just keep on sprinkling my sea salt on things. 'Cause I love me my salt. I even like salt in sweet things. I find it heightens the sweetness. I'm a HUGE fan of salt chocolate. Lake Champlain Co. makes this AMAZING chocolate bar with sea salt and almonds. SO has been sent to the store more than once to fetch me one of those little buggers (they only seem to carry them in 35g portions, which I guess is good. Sigh.) when I've been struck by a craving. My salt cravings are SO well known that my stepfather, fabulous guy that he is, got me a salt sampler of all these different fancy salts for Christmas. One of my favourite snacks, discovered when I lived in France, is raw radishes with a smear of butter and a sprinkling of salt. Try them, they're the fastest tastiest appetizer.

I know there are divided opinions on salt, and to each his/her own. For me, it's just an essential element of my cooking and eating. I have tried to eliminate it, and the elimination makes me so unhappy it's just not worth it. It's all about balance, right :)?


Rayna said...

Not to rain on your parade. I also have low blood pressure. My mother did as well until she turned about 35 and then hers just switched over to high blood pressure. This seemed odd to me so I asked my doctor about it and they said this is actually quite common.

I haven't done my research on how common it is and I also LOVE salt... but it's something to keep in mind.

Cave Cooking said...

Rayna--fair point :) I'll try not to buy any blocks of salt lick any time soon ;)

Lady Rois said...

Thank you! As one of perpetual low bp (around 100/60) and on the verge of the big 4-0, I get very frustrated at the low-salt zealots that glare at me for putting a pinch of salt on my veggies.

I became aware of the fact that I needed a minimum of 1500-2000 mg sodium daily to be able to function, otherwise I was totally dragging.

That being said, I get my salt from what *I* add to my food, not from additives, which seems to make all the difference in the world...

Cave Cooking said...

LadyRois--I totally agree. The vast majority of my salt is added by me, not by manufacturers. I remember the first time I looked at a label for bottled salad dressing. Appalling on so many levels.