Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ode to Pork Butt

Lovely, lovely pork butt
at $3.89 a pound
All marbled and sexy in that glass case

How can I resist you?
Cheap, porky fatty goodness
I had to take you home with me

But what to do with you, all raw and tough and full of cartilage...
I contemplated the best way to bring out
the tenderness I know you have in you

I gently coated you in Worchestershire
Left you to sit for 30 minutes
And then I covered you and set you in the oven at 200F to keep you warm

And I'll bet you thought I forgot about you
Because I left you in there
For 7 hours while I ran errands on a Sunday

You should have known I would never do that to you!
You had a long time to soften up in that nice warm oven
And hot fat bath that pooled around you

I gently lifted you out, freed you from that bone
Shredded you and tossed some Sriracha on you, just to wake you up a bit
And you, you were delicious.


Rayna said...

THAT is an amazingly horrible poem, yet I liked it. :)

I have found my pork usually turns out too tough unless I use the slow cooker. I guess you sort of made your own slow cooker though.

I especially like it with some cinnamon, apples and sweet potato's. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha wow that was wonderful.

- Sagan

Matthew C. Baldwin said...

Oh hell yeah! You should write a whole recipe book in verse.

I was actually planning to slow braise a boston butt on Monday!!

Cave Cooking said...

Rayna--pork with apples is one of my absolute faves! And cinnamon makes pretty much anything better, no?

LHITRW--I think it's good to change it up every once in a while ;)

Matt--I'm going to pop over to your blog and see if you followed through--do you think your poem could top mine in awesome badness?