Friday, 27 March 2009

Pondering dairy

I am not anti-dairy. I know many Paleo eaters who are. Although I was never a milk drinker, I am deeply attached to cheese and cream, and I consume them in relatively small amounts (an ounce of cheese a day, for example) so I figure they're not a big deal.

Previously, I was a fiend for yogurt, particularly greek yogurt (Fage loyalist here) and goat milk yogurt. Now, I have a tendency to play tastes out. I will get obsessive about something for a while, eat it far too often, and not want to see it again for many moons. Many innocent foodstuffs have fallen victim to my unfortunate habit (pickles, canned pumpkin in everything, shrimp cocktail) but I never thought my beloved yogurt would be one.

And yet I notice for the past two weeks, other than cheese, I have not been eating it, nor have I been craving it. This is kind of shocking for me because I thought I could NEVER give up yogurt. It was my dessert/breakfast go to protein filled comfort food. Smooth, thick, creamy, it lasted far long than many of my obsessions did.

But, to my shock, I find I can live without it. My tastes have been swinging more savoury than sweet of late, and I've been making a concerted, and I'm proud to say, successful, effort to give up artifical sweeteners--when I would have greek yogurt, I would always put in a little Splenda. Lately, my dessert of choice has been dates and almonds, or salami, cheese, and other nuts like pistachios and cashews.

In the absence of major dairy intake for the first time in a long time, I have also been able to make some observations. For me personally, dairy is not a negative feature in my diet. Without it I have not lost weight, my skin as not become any clearer, I have not felt any better (of course, I typically feel pretty good).

So I wonder whether I will reintroduce it or not at some point. I know from a Paleo perspective, yogurt is not a great choice, and should be a once in a while thing. And now that I've broken my addiction, perhaps it's better to avoid it. I don't know. But it's something to think about.

And now I think I'll go have some Gouda.


MrsEvilGenius said...

Ahh, I can empathize!

I'm lacto-paleo myself. Like you, I don't drink milk, but do lurves me some cheese! I only eat a few oz of cheese and butter a week, but, oh I do love them.

Matthew C. Baldwin said...

I'm a lacto-paleo believer. And let me say, Fage yogurt tastes great plain out of the container. You don't need no stinking splenda. Try a slice or two of strawberries or some blueberries. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I get the same way with food sometimes. Mmm cheese. It's easy to overeat something and then not be interested in it for a while.

The dairy question is a tricky one from a paleo standpoint- I like dairy in my diet, though. I think it's important to have. And if it makes you feel good, then that's really important.

- Sagan

Cave Cooking said...

MrsEvilGenius and Matt--so nice to know I have company :)! Matt, I am taking your recommendation and giving it a go tonight!

LHITRW--I agree: how you feel is a very important consideration in what you choose to eat, and one that shouldn't be ignored just because that feeling doesn't fit in with whatever overarching plan you happen to be following.

Chavo said...

Dairy is sort of like (and this is not from a strict paleo or ev fit theology)rice- some folk have no or few adverse reactions. I do extremely well with cheese and fermented dairy in moderation. It's the grains that don't work for me. part of the problem with milk is kind of like the nut issue- some folks overdo both for easy calories- it becomes low carb junk food (sort of. comfort food might be the kinder term).