Thursday, 9 April 2009


Caffeine is one of those gray areas for me. Coffee, I can't handle straight (and I know I'm not the only one) but good coffee is palatable with just cream, so it isn't paleo-horrible. And CR wise, it does have B vitamins and few calories, even with a little cream.

Tea, eh, I go through phases. Genmai-cha is one of the very few I drink consistently, and as April once pointed out on her fabulous blog, in a way it satisfies any residual or random grain craving you might have, since it tastes like what it is green tea + roasted rice.

Other sources of caffeine? I've come a looooooooooong way, baby. I have mostly cut out diet soda, and that would be my only other source. No, wait, I'm lying. I do eat chocolate. Diet soda would be my only other concentrated source.

The thing is, I don't think there's anything wrong with caffeine. It perks me up in the morning, but it doesn't give me a hardcore buzz, and it never has. It may be a genetic thing--my mom can drink a cup of coffee and fall asleep half an hour later, so can I. And I love, love, love a shot of espresso after a nice dinner.

But then I hear these tropes about how caffeine increases appetite, etc. So I go through caffeine fasts. I guess I'm just wondering if it's necessary? Some of the healthiest people I know, including bloggers like Mark Sisson and the aforementioned April, consume caffeine relatively regularly.

Hmmmm, on the fence about this once (while clutching my morning coffee in one hand...)


April said...

Thank you for your kind words!

I discovered that I can't have full-caffeinated coffee because it gives me anxiety attacks. That's just me, and I have no objection to caffeine as a health issue, it's just a personal quirk.

I do still drink some diet soda and lots of tea.

Yay for genmai cha!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, nor do I drink sodas of any kind, and chocolate is for special occasions, so the only real caffeine I get is from tea. I drink tea all the time, but I drink both caffeinated and decaffeinated tea... I think it depends on the source. Sodas aren't so healthy, but tea is good for you, so personally I think that the caffeine from tea is okay to have. But that's just one way of looking at it!

- Sagan

MrsEvilGenius said...

I knocked my 4 cups of coffee per morning back to half-caff and switched to caffien free diet coke (which I drink v little of). I noticed immediately that I sleep better!

I'm Lacto-Paleo so I drink mine w/ splenda and heavy cream and really enjoy it. I could give it up if I HAD to but am glad i don't have to, LOL.

Cave Cooking said...

April-any time. I lurked on your blog for AGES before I started my own :)

LHITRW-I'm with you on the tea. I just wish I liked it more.

MrsEvilGenious-we all need our treats :)