Monday, 9 February 2009

A less considered aspect of primal living

Today, I want to talk a little bit about my other SO. His name is Rocky, and he's a 10 year old, 13 pound orange tabby I adopted about 8 months ago.

Growing up, I always had cats around. And as a teenager, my family acquired a basset hound as well. So I have always associated home with pets. When I moved out on my own, I was hesitant to get a one--it took me 8 years of being on my own before I got up the nerve to acquire one. I take the responsibility that comes with pet ownership very seriously, and I wanted to be sure I could provide a good environment for an animal.

So about 8 months ago I set myself to the task of finding a cat. I went to the excellent SPCA in Boston, since I firmly believe adopting shelter kitties. And I was immediately attracted to a playful ten month old unfortunately named Boo Boo (sidenote: why do people do this to animals? Seriously????) until my friend pointed out I would still have Boo Boo when I was 40.

Sufficiently freaked out, I kept looking until I saw this other cat, waaaay in the back, with a pretty orange patch on his nose. I looked at his description--he was old. PERFECT. So in due course, Rocky (aka Rocko, Rockstar, Rockefeller--I'm amazed he's not totally confused as to his actual name, not that he responds to any of the above anyway) came home with me.

So what does cat ownership have to do with this blog? Well, I eat the way I eat because I want to be healthy. Pets have been shown over and over again to have a symbiotic relationship with their owners: their presence lowers blood pressure, makes people feel less lonely, and can otherwise relieve stress. I can personally vouch that I am a happier person for having Rocky around; it's hard to be cranky when you have a warm fuzzy critter snuggling up to you asking for head rubs.


Brynith said...

Oh I am jealous! I live with my SO- but we work completely different hours (I'm a 8am-5pmer and he's a 4pm-12amer) so I come home to nothing, and living in New York, regardless of all the people around you, can get very lonely because it seems like light years to any of my friends' houses. How I long for a pet... but I'm allergic to cats (and so is my SO) and don't have enough time home to really train a dog and give it enough love.

Loving other animals is a huge part of this primal nature, thanks for sharing!

Next time- pictures!


Marc said...


Right there with ya!
I adopted a cat 2 years ago...because my kids insisted we take it home (after we all volunteered at the Humane society)
I told them all the responsiblities and how long cats live talks etc etc. It did no good, Annie came home with us.
I grew up with dogs, and knew nothing of took me a good 6 months until I realized, hey I'm digging this little fur ball. Now last October, I adopted my doggie (you saw a pic I think)
and having these 2 animals around me makes me feel so good. I agree with Brynith, it's something primal, and just feels right.
They have a huge impact on my kids, because when my kids come overr (50% of the week) they come home to them also and not just me.
Ok, I'm rambling now.... se ya ;-)

Anonymous said...

From working at a vet clinic I get to see the effect that pets have on people all the time- its really wonderful how much love is there! And it contributes SO much to our overall health.

- Sagan

April said...

Kitties are the most wonderful thing on earth.

Kieffer is purring on my lap now. We still miss Philomena terribly (well, I do... Kieffer doesn't!) but Kieffer has stepped up and is being so sweet!


Beastie Girl said...

That may as well have well been written by me!

I waited for AGES to get into a stable enough environment to get a cat, and as soon as I had - BANG - down to the local shelter. We picked out Kees - a white, deaf, European shorthair kitty. It was difficult initially but once I had read a bit about cats and learned more about their signals and communication I started sending him cat signals and we've been inseperable ever since. I can't imagine what life without Kees would be like. No little head to kiss? No kitty going Weehh eeeeh! when I come home from work? No more night crazies? Man - that would suck.

Even Erik the Red - my human SO - is totally taken with him and cuddles him and scratches behind his ears and baby talks when he thinks I'm not listening. hehehe..

And as Brynith said - next time PICS! :)

Cave Cooking said...

Brynith-maybe a gerbil or a hamster? I've got to get pics up!

Marc-I used to think I was only a cat person, and then my parents got a basset hound and I realize I love both dogs and cats equally :)

LHITRW-I know the effect was immediate for me-the first day I came home and he was there waiting for me it just made me smile, and it has every day since

April-isn't it amazing how pets can sense when you're sad and comfort you? I'm sure that's what Kieffer is doing!

Beastie Girl-my SO, who was so not into getting a cat, has become the BIGGEST kitty daddy. It's hilarious :)