Saturday, 10 January 2009

On trying not to be defensive

Ok, so here's the thing: I don't volunteer my eating philosophy. However, if someone asks, I explain what I eat and what I avoid. And if someone asks why, I'll go a little deeper. If that happens, well, it usually doesn't go well.

I have no interest in converting anyone to my way of eating. Food is like religion or sexual preference to me--it's a deeply personal decision, and not one I would want someone else dictating to me. If I explain why I'm not eating something, I do not mean to suggest that it is wrong for someone else to eat it. Yet, people often react as if explaining why I eat the way I do is an implied critique of their eating habits. And more than once, someone has responded defensively.

I have been called a conspiracy theorist, a control freak, eating disordered. And I admit, I have become more defensive because of it. You know the phrase "zeal of the converted?" When I first began CR, and then added Paleo, I was really excited and loved talking about it. But now, 5 years in, I have become more cagey.

I think part of why I like blogging so much, and why I'm so glad I started doing it, is because I have a little corner to myself where I feel at ease talking about this stuff :) It's kind of like my own personal 12 Step to be less self conscious, one post at a time.

On a side note, this is a HEAVENLY recipe for braised cabbage, and a wonderful blog to boot:


Anonymous said...

I know what your saying. Some people are completely perplexed as to what I eat. I get the 'you eat HOW MUCH FAT'. But most people are really interested.

Cave Cooking said...

I agree, although I think in my case it's kind of a horrified interest :) The interesting thing is my mother, who is a physician, and someone I would expect to have that reaction, totally backs me up.

By the way, you have me totally obsessed with acquiring marrow!