Monday, 5 January 2009

Imagination and Reality

So I did not journal my food for a week on vacation. It was a conscious decision, and an experiment. I wondered what would happen when I was unaccountable to myself in writing. I also didn't have a scale at my parents' or SO's parents' place, so I had no idea how I was doing.

Of course, because I had not been eating my usual stuff, I felt less than fabulous. I thought I had put on a few pounds, which I'm sure contributed to that feeling. Now, when I say less than fabulous, I don't mean I didn't feel good in a swimsuit on the beach (gotta love FL for that!). I was more talking about a general mind-body feeling.

But I hopped on the scale this morning at home and I was up all of 1.5 lbs (for a two week period), which may also be some salt/carb water retention. I had thought it was more in the 5lb range, personally. Reality (and SO) 1, Imagination 0.

What I learned from this experience, now that I'm back to journalling, is that I am much better at managing my consumption than I give myself credit for. I freely admit I ate more chocolate than I should have, but I was also good at getting my protein and veggies and good fats. That said, I am going to take my carbs a bit lower/lay off the booze for a while to allow my body to bounce back from the Christmas/Hannukah/New Years indulgences.


Sarah said...

More and more I'm finding the body is a really interesting self-regulating machine that, if you treat it nicely *most* of the time, won't come back to bite you too hard after the brief lapses of indulgences :)

Cave Cooking said...

Hi Sarah :) I totally agree with you. Another nice side effect of indulging is that I appreciate my normal diet much more!

Dommi said...

That's really interesting. I've experienced situations like that, where I've been pleasantly surprised after having to eat in several "social situations" and having to deviate from my preferred diet for a period of time. I think that this proves both that the body is very efficient in processing and metabolizing (a week and a half of less-than-optimal nutrition will do very little damage) and also that it is very possible to be more in tune with your body than you may think. Both are very enlightening.

I really liked this post :] Thanks for sharing.

Cave Cooking said...

Dommi-I totally agree :)