Friday, 2 January 2009

Mmmmm lobster

I have to say, staying with the SO's parents can be quite nice. Dinner this evening was lobster tails with garlic butter. So good. So full of protein. And so easy to prepare and eat. 

It was interesting to watch the SO's little brother. He refused to eat the lobster, choosing Boca burgers and protein powder instead, while talking about how we were eating 'sea cockroaches.' No that I would say a word about how the phytoestrogens in the Boca burgers are going to give him breasts ;) Or how one of the ingredients in his whey powder is corn syrup solids. 

He also went on and on about how dipping the lobster in butter was bad for us. I found this line of reasoning fairly entertaining, given what he was consuming. Oh well. To each their own. Luckily, my SO and I got to split his lobster tail-waste not, after all, especially on an unappreciative audience :)

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