Monday, 5 October 2009

Sunlight makes me happy

So, off the topic of food, but generally Primal, let's talk a little about the Sun. When I lived in the Northeast, or Midwest, I spent at least three months out of the year miserable and cranky. The cold got to me, but it was really the lack of sunlight.

Since I have moved to California, I've been a much happier person, and I would venture to say, it's the sunlight. I know there are a lot of people who don't buy the whole SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) thing. And frankly, I was one of them. I figured it was more the cold than the lack of sun.

But SF is not all that warm. It's basically coldish cold or warmish cold the vast majority of the time. And yet, I'm so perky my friends back East ask me if I'm on uppers on a regular basis. The thing is, SF may be chilly, but it's sunny.

Even today--perfectly blue skies, but I couldn't go out without a sweater. And yet, here I am, writing about my good mood :) It's not even that I get to go out in the sun very much (again, office drone) but even just walking to work in the sun and seeing it shining outside my window puts me in a happy frame of mind.

It's amazing to me how much my mood affects my appetite, even eating Primal. Now, it's more the kind of Primal food I eat rather than whether I eat Primal or not. But I notice when it's nice and bright and sunny and I'm in a good mood, I do tend to eat less.

And when it's darker and grayer, even if it's the same air temp? I'm definitely more snacky. I think it's just a basic human instinct: what's more primal that perking up in the sun? And as a side note, what could be more necessary to our ancestors when they were looking to get some vitamin D?

So am I crazy? Am I just making up the effects of sunlight? Or do you all experience it too?


Tony Kenck said...


I just found your blog through Free The Animal. I have become a proponent of Vitamin D supplementation, especially in the winter months.

You might check out this blog post for information about Vitamin D.


Sandra said...

I definately need the sun and love to spend time in it as it completely makes a difference in my mood. In reflection, I'd say it affects my eating habits as well but I am now going to have to start paying attention to determine if it is actually the case.

JavaChick said...

I experience the same thing - how I feel tends to be completely different on a sunny day vs. a gloomy day, even in the winter.

I live on the east coast of Canada and while we normally do have a decent summer, this year it was rainy and gloomy and I definitely did not feel like myself. It's going to be a long winter. :(

Yummy said...

I totally agree about the effect of the weather on desire to eat. When it is super hot, I have no appetite. When it gets cloudy (even if it is warmish) I am hungrier.

I love that you enjoy the sun in SF! When I lived there I felt depressed bc it was so cold and cloudy! I guess it just depends where you are coming from before that. :)

Cave Cooking said...

Tony-I read him religiously :) Isn't he great?

Sandra-let me know what the results of the self observation are :)

Javachick-nice to know I'm not alone!

Yummy-it definitely is. There are a couple people in my office from LA who HATE the weather here ;) said...

Just found your blog through andsomefruit.blogspot. Searching for Paleo recipes. I live in FL and I definitely agree with the whole sunlight thing!

jack said...

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benny'lola said...

Yes, sunlight has a BIG effect on how you feel. Moved from the NOrtheast of dark days and dark nights to Florida...the sun sets later here because it's farther down on the globe and thus I am a much happier person. I am in total agreement with you. Also love SF - but too cold for me. Sunny though!

Cohen Ilan said...

People don't really realize what fresh air and sunlight can do. I am glad you already know it! :)

Kayu Jati said...

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