Friday, 9 October 2009

Maintaining Primalness When Stressed

Of course as soon as I decide to re up my blog, work goes batshit :) But whatevs, I shall plow through. It's amazing how eating Primal has changed my ability to cope with stress. I really believe food has a huge effect on mood.

I start my day with protein, I have protein at lunch, and more protein at dinner. With fat and non starchy carbs. And I don't ever have those lows anymore before mealtimes. You know, those shakey headachey (and for me, downright bitchy) moments where you desperately need to get something in you or something bad will happen?

Nope. I work placidly until I feel belly hunger. Mostly. I do occasionally get stress cravings, but I've found that tea helps quite nicely with those. Now, for those of you who are rolling your eyes and thinking tea would never do it for you, let me just say, I was in your camp. Really, I was.

Now, I'm not getting paid to endorse this particular brand, but I'm addicted to Good Earth Cocoa Spice Chai and Decaf Vanilla Chai. Honestly, sometimes I just brew it and sniff it, because it smells SO yummy. But I find that the warm liquid, and doing something with my mouth, psychologically soothes me.

And having a crutch like that that won't otherwise fuck up my Primal eating goes a long way in times when work is going like gangbusters or something else stressful comes up in my life. My other crutch is taking a walk, but I know that's not always an option in other parts of the (freezing cold) country :) Tea works everywhere :)

How do you cope with stress while maintaining a Primal lifestyle? Do you have crutches? Mabe crutch isn't the right word, maybe it's "trick."


Dana Law said...

Sure do appreciate your blog. You deal with the realities of inserting the primal lifestyle into real life. I'm always working on being primal and doing crossfit. I'd like to get my wife to eat like I do. She's about 30lbs above normal weight and can't shy away from the carbs. As a lady what would you say are the most important results of your diet for a woman.
Dana Law
El Cajon, Ca

Cave Cooking said...

Dana Law-I always question people that "can't" avoid carbs. I think "won't" is the more likely word. What is the barrier with your wife? Does she not like any meat? Is she afraid of fat?

I ask because for me, honestly, one of the most important results for me is being able to stay thin yet eat what I consider to be really delicious food. I eat bacon, cheese, and chicken skin with abandon. I treat myself with really good chocolate. And I honestly NEVER miss bread (and had you told me that 8 years ago I would have laughed.)

Dana Law said...

Cave, She loves meat, cheese and bacon. Loves the fat. I read everything I can about the primal eating plan to her. She's tried it a few times for about a week but has little success in weight loss. One meal on the weekend can give her everything back and more. A life without carbs is unpleasant for most people. I still struggle with it but have mostly succeeded. I've exercised all my life and now more efficiently than ever thanks to crossfit and paleo movement. I've stayed slim but everyone else in the family is getting larger. Primal is hard I guess. Don't know if the results are the same for everyone.
I'll share your post with her. Thank you for a long list of specifics. She is in menopause and what curves you have disappear completely when the estrogen goes away. We've been married 29 years this week and her frustration is high with the inability to lose pounds. We have a trip to Hawaii in March and all of us want to look good on the beach. She said today "I've never succeeded in losing weight and I think I should stop trying."
Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
Dana Law
San Diego, Ca

Dana Law said...

I read your post to the wife this morning and she said "How can I eat primal at lunch?" She was impressed by your real life results.
I said "you can ask for sliced turkey." She said "that is not an option." I said "a salad with olive oil and lemon juice." and she said "that might work."
Do you eat fruit and if so how much?
I appreciated your post much more when I read it again.
As an experienced husband I don't mind the lady talk. It's important especially since she's going through menopause and has moderate discomfort than may improve with diet changes.
Thanks again for you help.
Dana Law
San Diego

Khrystyna said...

Personally I find stress puts me off my food completely so it's not really a problem for me, I just wante dto agree that chai rocks! It really does feel like a treat, I love it with milk :)

Chris said...

Funny I found your post after posting something similar on my blog. Mine was about when I get stressed my appetite seems to spike and I binge eat as a result but since going primal even when I do binge it is still all primal stuff.

I'm not much of a tea person but I have used coffee or hot cocoa to help fill me up/know the cravings back for a while!

Great blog!

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Now, I'm not getting paid to endorse this particular brand, but I'm addicted to Good Earth Cocoa Spice Chai and Decaf Vanilla Chai.
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Chalo Velo said...

Although at times I have felt stressed, I never let it affect me from eating my paleo meals
. For me, the food I eat doesn't really affect my mood.

Janet Ali said...

I too sometimes feel stressed but after taking garcinia cambogia primarily for my weight loss, i also have noticed a change in my mood. I feel so much more calmer!